Malaga baden und besichiten

  • Aleksandra
  • 12/03/2014 20:50:19

Hallo Silvia! Ich möchte gern mit meinem Mann, Mama und Hund einen o. g. Urlaub verbringen . Möchten gern in untergeschoß (Hund) wohnen.Nah zum Strand und Grün. Ein paar kilometer zu besichtigen, fahren wir mit auto. Was kannst du emfehlen.Grüße Aleksandra P. S.Die Wohnungen sind alle in oberen Etagen

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  • Silvia
  • 13/03/2014 09:44:34

Hello Aleksandra!
According to the features you need, these accommodations may interest you:
If you are interested in this chalet 200 meters from the beach, we would have to ask the owner if pet:  It has parking included.
This is the furthest from the beach (2 km) but pet friendly, has a pool and a large garden. And if you come by car, there is parking inside and you can be on the beach in minutes:
One bedroom apartment near the beach and on the ground floor, parking here is more complicated and we have to ask about the possibility of pet:
I await your response and if you are interested in any. I also need to know the dates you plan to travel, so I can find them something that is available and meets your needs. 
Thanks for the inquiry and best regards,